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Our achievements - a platform for development

E-data project - Creation and implementation of the Transparent Budget information and analytical system, which is the largest open database in the field of public finance and includes the creation of three open data portals

The only web portal for the use of public funds- the largest database and information on the use of public funds by managers and recipients of state/local budget funds, state and communal property entities, and mandatory state social insurance funds.


State web portal of the register of social and economic development projects of Ukraine, which are implemented with the involvement of funds from international financial organizations. Information about projects is published on the portal in an accessible form, as well as statistics for understanding the dynamics of the use of funds by year and the structure of project financing by branch of implementation, creditors, and executors.

Державний веб-портал бюджету для громадян - портал, на якому відображаються  основні бюджетні показники в доступній формі про основні цілі, завдання та пріоритети бюджетної політики, джерела наповнення бюджету, обґрунтування бюджетних витрат, планові і досягнуті результати використання бюджетних коштів .

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Innovation Development Fund (startup fund) - the creation and establishment of a state fund to help start-ups in the early stages receive assistance from the state in the form of grants

Unbreakable - a complex project of prosthetics and rehabilitation, which the foundation implements together with Ukrainian House under the patronage of the First Lady of Ukraine Olena Zelenska. This transformative program aims to help children who have lost limbs due to the Russian invasion of Ukraine regain their ability to return to childhood.


Digital opportunities for learning - a project implemented by the foundation together with leading manufacturers of computer equipment and software to provide Ukrainian teachers and students with computers, laptops and other equipment to ensure the continuity of education during the war and rapid recovery after the Victory. During the program, XXX computers were handed over to teachers in XX regions of Ukraine through UCrdim and the Foundation.

The platform for skills development and job search - Here we will help you master and develop skills. Our team wants to help Ukrainian citizens who are looking for new opportunities to develop their careers and secure their future, find useful information and resources to make better choices about their professional activities. 


The platform was created on the initiative of the NGO "Ukrainian Development Foundation" with the support of the European Union within the framework of the Re:silience initiative. Re:covery. Re: construction. (Re: Ukraine project). The content of the platform is the sole responsibility of the NGO "Ukrainian Development Foundation" and does not necessarily reflect the views of the European Union.

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InvestMonitor - a project to create and support an analytical platform for surveying businesses and monitoring investment conditions in each region of Ukraine to identify and create, together with the central government and local authorities, favorable conditions for attracting international investment and strengthening the recovery of Ukraine and building a new innovative and efficient economy.

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